The Dollfins

No, not the majestic marine mammal incorrectly spelt, but South Africa’s new punk rock band, with female lead singer Danielle Hitchcock shredding local stages. Hailing from Cape Town’s turquoise ocean these Dollfins are not afraid of swimming with the big fish. Their gunk genre is said to be influenced by hate, sex, hate sex and oozing green toxic slime. The Dollfins embody a mid-70s’ punk rock style that can be compared to that of ‘The Runaways’.

Their take on the genre is refreshingly rebellious with an attitude that couldn’t care less about what people think, as their sound uses and abuses you leaving nothing but the stinging ring of a spitting aggressive guitar solo in your ears. These 3 misfits are freaking out South Africans, rocking a sadistic rawness that’ll burst your eardrums and snap your ankles.

The Dollfins are the epitome of classic rock and roll, and with their new album, ‘I’ll Do What You Want Me To’ recently released it should be warned that parents can prepare for a window shattering revolution of punk rock to disturb their suburban, South African homes. Album track ‘Dirty Brown Hair’ is the theme song to every raucous bar fight, with Hitchcock telling it like it is to just another bad boy with broken shoes and greasy wild hair which makes loving him so damn hard.The Dollfins unique trait can be seen in Hitchcock’s early 60s’ surf rock guitar solos reminiscent of Dick Tailor’s Surfer’s Choice, the albums instrumental track ‘Pebis’ literally thrusts you down a salty blue wave of adrenaline.

Drummer David  Gabriel Thorpe, as well as vocalist for both Beach Party and Gateway Drugs releases his inner Jack White in the albums most energetic song ‘And She Says’. Thorpe’s out of breath passion emanates through his deep vocals rising to an almost rock and roll stutter of excitement. Bringing it down a notch to an unceasing body jerk is ‘Make Some Room For Me’ as this track causes a riot of head banging and beer spilling in its forceful gravitational pull of cords and drum sticks. This track wants nothing more than to share the love of rock and roll, as Hitchcock seductively asks to stop hating and “make some room for me”.

I’ll Do What You Want Me To’ is an album that does exactly what you want it to do, and with sweet sounds of surfer solos and aggressive vocals this album really is the perfect combination of salty water and rusted metal.